The lowdown on No Alibi:

On the crazy ride which is rock and roll, Mark S and Mark C had been winding it down with a local band that had come off a great run back in October of 2003. They then decided to embark on a new adventure and fulfill their never ending quest to entertain the masses.

It took several months to find the right members. Finding a singer was like watching episodes of American Idol... week after week of auditions, no one felt like the right fit until Dave showed up. With Dave's experience, stage presence, and ability to adapt his vocals to multiple genres, we knew we struck gold. This combined with Mark S' mad guitar skills and Mark C's ability to not only lay down the rhythms, but to hammer the ivory's as well, things started to come together quite nicely.

It was time to find a drummer who was crazy enough to bring it all together. High energy and great facial hair a must! Dave and Kurt played together in a few projects, and once the opportunity came up, Dave brought Kurt in for an audition. It wasn't his skills that the band liked; it was the ice cold 30 pack he brought that made their decision easy!

Flash forward to November 2016 and yes, once again, our band has three Mark's as we welcome our newest band mate, Marc R!

So here we go again, off on a great ride in our 14th year together. No Alibi has become one of the most sought after Cover bands.

Every gig is about the party, the fun, and the dancing. What do we sound like you ask? A good friggin time!

If you have been to one of this band's high energy shows, you know what it's all about! If you haven't been out yet, you should do this immediately! You will not be disappointed. With their willingness to cater to all types of music, a very creative set list (which includes Rock, Funk, Old school dance, Rap, Disco, and yes, even some Country), will keep you going till it's time to go! If you're not on the dance floor, you'll be wishing you were!! These boys give it all they've got every time they hit the stage, and they only know one way to do it, FLAT OUT! The crowds are always slammin, and this band will keep you coming back again and again! As one fan stated... "You guys play something for everyone...!"

The band plays everything from 60s funk to modern rap. Covering songs by artists such as Aerosmith, Bonjovi, Creed, Kid Rock, Tom Petty, ZZ Top, 3 Doors Down, Eminem and much more.

Grab your dancing shoes and get ready for a great time. We look forward to seeing you at our next show!


Dave - Lead Vocals


Originally from Long Island, New York, Dave has been a musician most of his life playing in many New York area bands. He has spent a lot of time in studios and clubs performing live.

An accomplished drummer and percussionist, he moved to the front of the stage to make way for another talented drummer to take over. In doing so, No Alibi was able to form a top notch lineup and Dave was able to continue playing with one of his good friends.

Now his vocal talent, energy, and experience is used to drive the music in a direction for everyone to enjoy. His professionalism and passion for the music he plays is a gift he would like to share with anyone who will listen. His musical influences range from the driving rock sounds of Pearl Jam, STP, and Creed to the classic funk sounds of Earth Wind and Fire and Tower of Power.


Kurt - Drums/Vocals


Kurt started playing drums at the age of sixteen. Hooked up with some friends in a band at seventeen, and at that point became addicted to playing live music.

Originally from Worcester MA, he has spent time in numerous bands. His latest projects include Moosejive (along with Dave, this is our third project together), Room 2 Move, Aged to Perfection, (percussion) he also spent close to a decade with the GT's featuring Perry Seigle of 'the Knot' He has played with, or filled in for bands of all genres from rock, blues, reggae etc.

Kurt is thrilled to be playing with this very talented group of musicians. With his high energy, passion for the music, and drive to give music fans everything they came for in a show, this promises to be a fun ride at every show. (a Bass player like Steve certainly doesn't hurt either!!) Music influences are all over the map from Led Zeppelin, Tower of Power, Dave Matthews, Lenny Kravitz, the Police, Black Crowes, Bob Marley, the list goes on. mostly his brother Scott for giving him the inspiration to play, and Perry for teaching him what it means to play.


Strappa - Lead Guitar/Vocals


Strappa has been in the business for thirty years. He has played in many popular bands including Nextz, Blue Moon Band, Eastline Band and was the original founder of the band Backlash some fourteen years ago.

I've always enjoyed playing hard rock, blues, classics, alternative, grunge and more. Music you listen to on AAF, BCN, and BRU, best of the bands from the 70s to current.

Aerosmith to Creed, whatever makes the audience dance or bob their heads are all fine by me. I play from my heart and hope for the best.


Marc - Bass/Vocals


Marc brings years of experience in live and studio sound engineering, in addition to performing on bass and guitar.

He has worked with national artists including Charles Neville and has played on stages including New York's famed CBGBs. His drive for perfection and love of rock 'n' roll is the basis of his high energy musical style, fueling No Alibi.


Mark - Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals


A hip musician with complicated shoes!

I enjoy playing and listening to all types of music from classical to metal. It is great to be in a band with such diverse and talented musicians and an ever growing diverse song list.

Love the music, the band, our fans!